The Return


The Will Watson Blog is back! In 2015, I dipped my toe into the world of blogging and enjoyed every bit of it. However, as I grew into a new job and began to explore and grow into my role as a father and husband, I dropped the ball and let the old site float around in an internet graveyard until I finally took it offline.

Not anymore.

From what I gathered, those of you who subscribed to my original blog enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed allowing my creative juices to flow, and I definitely enjoyed conversing with many of you about the things I wrote. So I’ve decided to make my return to the blogosphere.

One mistake I made with the old blog was pigeonholing my theme. I wanted to write about Texas–and I still do!–but I found myself running out of things to say after awhile. Plus, I also wanted to write about being a dad, Jesus and the Bible, small town life, coping with stress, books, poetry, the great outdoors, teaching at a public school, social and political issues, and the Lord knows what else! I couldn’t do that with a narrowly themed blog.

This time, I’m keeping the categories as wide as the Texas sky (there’s some Lone Star content!), at least for now. Eventually, I’ll see what you all have enjoyed most from my blog and use that to be a bit more specific and thus grow my readership. Until then, though, expect an article about a day in the classroom to be followed by an article covering my musings in general relativity.

With that, I’m giving myself a few rules:

First, I’ll create at least one blog a week by Thursday midnight. Some weeks could see two or three, but I’m not going to demand any more of myself than once a week. I’m really busy (I have a full-time job, a part-time job, a seat on the City Council, a family, masters degree work, and a yard to mow), and I previously allowed overzealousness regarding my blog to burn me out as I tried to balance it with other responsibilities. One 500-or-so-word post each week is reasonable, and I won’t lose my sanity and give up with that kind of quota.

Second, and to reiterate, I won’t pigeonhole my theme, at least not at first. Expect variety for now and for the extended future.

Third, I will keep you in the loop. If you’re reading this post in the week or two after I originally published it, you’ve probably been personally asked to subscribe to my blog-related emails. Down the road, you’ll have to sign up via the subscribe bar at the top of the page. Regardless, with each post there will be an accompanying email so that you don’t have to forget about checking in each week.

These rules are more for my sanity than anything else, but they’ll also keep me accountable. I love writing, and I want to do more of it, and when I was blogging regularly two years ago I felt like I was doing what I was meant to do. Who knows, maybe this will turn into something bigger than I could’ve ever expected? We’ll see.

Until then, I just ask for your support and patience as I get this thing off the ground! I’m excited to be embarking on this great crusade (there’s some semi-political World War II-era content!).

Will Watson

Grapeland, Texas

Summer 2017

P.S. A lot of this is thanks to the inspiration of Jeff Goins.

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